Talking Cyber Security, so who’s accountable?


There was a time where cyber was seen to be ‘just data’. Business’ are beginning to recognise that data is much more than simply data alone, and that data is extremely important.

Does that mean more organisations are taking accountability for reviewing, managing and improving their security posture? Well not quite, but we can give some insight into were can they start and why should they take notice.

What is ‘Talking Cyber Security?’

CQR are working together with James Turner from IBRS to discuss Cyber, it’s meaning within the world today and its role in the ever-changing world of Cyber Security.

This video is part of the series ‘Talking Cyber Security’ with James Turner (IBRS), David Simpson and Phil Kernick (CQR).

Through this series of videos, CQR look at what Cyber Security means to the industry, its cause and affects, from responsibility and ownership to recognition of risks and preparation to avoid being a vulnerable target in a growing threat landscape.

James Turner, Senior Advisor, IBRS @jturner_ibrs
Phil Kernick, CTO & Founder, CQR @philkernick
David Simpson. Executive Director & founder, CQR, LinkedIn

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