Talking Cyber Security, leading from the front


The meaning of ‘Cyber’ comes in many forms, but for those within the ICT and information security industry, it likely means something different altogether.

Organisations today are recognising the importance of security from a business perspective, that it is beyond what was historically an IT issue. To effectively protect any business, this mindset needs to be driven from the top down, with board members and C level executives pushing a shift in culture. This increase in understanding across the business enables a more holistic approach to the decision-making process and can increase an organisation’s security posture.

Let’s talk Cyber!

CQR are working together with James Turner from IBRS to discuss Cyber, it’s meaning within the world today and its role in the ever-changing world of information security.

This video is the first of the series ‘Talking Cyber Security’ with James Turner (IBRS), David Simpson and Phil Kernick (CQR).

Through this series of videos, we look at what cyber security means to the industry, its cause and affects, from responsibility and ownership to recognition of risks and preparation to avoid being a vulnerable target in a growing threat landscape.

WATCH ‘Talking Cyber Security, What is Cyber? with CQR and James Turner.

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