Making the
world a
safer place

Stalking the Cyber Police

I am fortunate to work for a company deeply committed to ‘Making the World a Safer Place’ and enabling our clients to do the same.

It means, for example that I’m given full support when driving both the Oxford and Thames Valley Cyber Security Clusters and Cyber Oxford. The clusters bring together the spectrum of organisations involved in cyber security from specialist businesses, such as CQR, through law firms, IP specialists, insurance brokers, local police forces to the local universities. Cyber Oxford provides a forum for people responsible for or keenly interested in cyber security within their own organisations to come together to share experiences and identify those local specialists able to provide assistance, should they need it.

I’m also encouraged to attend conferences and networking events across the South East. Not surprisingly, many have a link to the use of digital technology and cyber security. This often brings me into contact with Detective Sergeant Chris Greatorex, the cyber security lead within the South East Regional Crime Unit (SEROCU), who is a keen supporter of and presenter at both the clusters and Cyber Oxford.

Last week we exhibited at the Bucks Digital Summit and turned up to find that our stand was next to the SEROCU stand, staffed by none other than Chris Greatorex! Either he’s stalking me or I’m stalking him!

Seriously though, it was great to have the chance to support the Summit, a local initiative to encourage SMEs in the area to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technology whilst reminding them of the need to ensure that they remain safe online and that they safeguard the information they hold and handle on behalf of their customers, partners and suppliers.

Stewart Benger

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