Myth #2: We’ve outsourced our security


We don’t need to worry about security because we’ve outsourced it.  I’ve increasingly heard this from clients, so clearly many large businesses believe it to be true.  As this myth is quite pervasive, it needs more analysis: what do our clients mean by “security”, what do they mean by “outsourced”, and why have they taken this path?

Let’s start with outsourcing.  It’s one of the 10 year cycles in the IT industry: outsource non-core functions, then discover that they actually are core and bring them back in.  Wash, rinse and repeat.  For security this can make more business sense than for IT in general, as most businesses are not set up to support security 24×7, can’t retain the specialists they would need to do so anyway, and aren’t in the security business.  So outsourcing isn’t inherently a problem.

But maybe they aren’t talking about staff.  Maybe it’s just infrastructure that’s been outsourced.  The Cloud Security Alliance has an entire body of knowledge on how to do this well.  So having infrastructure managed by a third-party isn’t inherently a problem either.

So does having your security outsourced make you inherently more secure?  According to the Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report, the answer is no.  An organisation is just as likely to have had a data breach if the assets are managed internally as externally.  This is a disappointing result, but hardly surprising as managing IT is not the same as managing security.

What many businesses really think they are outsourcing is accountability for security, and that isn’t possible.  Businesses need to define their own security policy, and then select an outsourcer based on their capability to meet it, and then keep them honest.  Otherwise they end up with the outsourcers risk appetite, which might be quite different from their own.

In the end, you really do get only what you pay for.  If your outsourcer is certified to an recognised international standard, such as ISO27001 then you will pay more, but you will get a secure result.  If you go down the cheap and cheerful route with security outsourcing, unfortunately you probably won’t end up either cheap or cheerful.

This myth is plausible, as it is possible to successfully outsource security, but it isn’t easy.

Phil Kernick Chief Technology Officer

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