Governance, Risk & Compliance

At CQR we’re driven to support organisations and their people to ensure they thrive in their environment.

Working as part of your organisation, we help align your governance, contractual and compliance requirements and expertly manage your cyber security risk, with specialisations including ISO 27001, ISO 22301, business risks and audit security governance.

CQR helps ensure your organisation can continue to operate critical business functions should a crisis, disruption or extreme event occur.

CQR Business Continuity Services:

  • BC Program Development & Deployment
  • BC Program Manage & Maintain
  • BCP Lite

By evaluating your organisation, CQR can determine the potential impact that incidents, attacks, a crisis or disruptions can have on your business functions. We can determine and quantify both the risks to your operations and your business as a whole. Our specialists will then deliver a framework of solutions for remediation and prioritise those actions.

Resilient organisations have one thing in common; they have all developed and tested a disaster recovery plan that’s tailored to their organisation and focuses on their critical business functions.

At CQR we can help your organisation develop and test a tailored disaster recovery plan. Working in partnership with you, our specialists will establish a plan which includes roles and responsibilities, coordination activities and specific recovery steps.

To effectively manage risks to an organisation’s information assets it is essential to understand their value.  Information classification assigns a rating to your information assets as well as the level of impact on your business should those assets become unavailable.

CQR’s Governance, Risk and Compliance team can help by working closely with your business unit managers throughout the entire information classification process. We can rate your assets as to their confidentiality, integrity and availability, then we’ll deliver guidance via workshops, business impact assessments and onsite services.

The best practice approach to governing cyber security risks is to align your organisation with an effective and practical Information Security Management System (ISMS) using an international standard such as ISO/IEC 27001.

CQR has been certified to ISO27001 since 2005, ensuring we stand by the information and guidance our specialists deliver to your business.

CQR ISMS Services include:

  • ISMS Audit
  • ISMS Jumpstart
  • ISMS Management
  • ISMS Implementation
  • ISMS Development & Deployment

Cyber security is critical to every successful business practice, yet many organisations don’t have the resources and/or skills to achieve it.

At CQR, we can integrate one of our specialists into your organisation to provide the necessary skills that have been tailored for your specific needs. Our specialist will act as an ongoing partner or provide mentoring and support to your staff while you develop your own internal capabilities.

We have security specialists who will seamlessly integrate into your organisation at any decision-making level including:

  • Information Security Specialist
  • Information Security Officer
  • Information Security Manager

If your organisation collects and stores personal data, then data privacy challenges, increasing regulations and new security threats are obstacles and challenges that need to be overcome.

CQR can help you manage the risks of external effects on the safety of the personal data you hold, throughout its lifecycle. We are expertly equipped to support and guide your organisation in protecting your data and your brand.

CQR Data Privacy Services:

  • Privacy Jumpstart
  • Privacy assessment
  • Privacy strategy and plans
  • Audit support

When an organisation deploys new applications, or moves applications and infrastructure to the cloud, effective and appropriate security controls must be in place to mitigate cyber security risks. At CQR our expert Governance, Risk and Compliance team can help by assessing business and technical risks, reviewing documentation, conducting interviews and recommending solutions.

We are highly experienced in conducting risk assessments for corporate and government organisations implementing “cloud-first” strategies for SaaS, IaaS and PaaS.

CQR can help by partnering you in the development of an effective Risk Management strategy and incorporate it into your day to day activities. Our experts will identify your information assets and the impact on your organisation should a cyber breach occur. We will examine how your business information is stored as well as who can access it, and guide you in protecting it and securing your IT infrastructure.

CQR will work with you on any or all parts of the risk management process, from undertaking a full risk assessment, through to helping you understand our findings, then guiding you in quantifying your cyber security risks and producing a strategy that addresses those risks.

Does your organisation’s security policies and procedures align with your business goals, security objectives and industry standards? If not, CQR can help with pragmatic, consistent and clear policies and procedures that mitigate your legal and financial risks, and can be easily understood by your staff, organisation-wide. We’ll partner with you to:

  • Raise staff awareness of the critical importance of cyber security
  • Continuously improve your security posture
  • Achieve compliance to an industry recognised standard
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Meet requirements of operating conditions or licensing agreements
  • Manage risks and incidents
  • Meet business requirements for continuity and knowledge sharing

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