CQR launch new guide to help you navigate through the cyber maze


CQR’s UK team have published a new guide which covers the 9 key areas that can help protect organisations from the most common cyber threats.

Despite a government report finding that almost half of UK businesses were victims of a cyber security breach or attack in 2018, many organisations find it difficult to know where to start with the fast-evolving area of cyber security.

As part of our company mission to help “Make the world a safer place”, we’ve produced a free practical guide to help businesses start their cyber security journey.

It includes practical tips to help get businesses started as well as clear, jargon-free explanations of key areas such as: patching, multi-factor authentication and application whitelisting.

Cyber Security beginners guide cover image

Helping you understand the basics

Simon Glover, CQR’s Operations Director said: “With the average cost of a cyber security breach estimated at over £2.5m, the consequences can be catastrophic. That’s why we’ve produced this guide to highlight the key areas of cyber security all organisations need to be aware of and act on.”

“We’ve helped hundreds of organisations worldwide keep their data and systems safe over the last 15 years and hope this guide can help many more understand the basics.”

You can get your copy of the guide here.

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