CQR Insights: ISMS Jumpstart


Are you part of an organisation who has heard and read about ISO/IEC 27001, the great benefits and effectiveness that it can offer but also see it as a daunting, time consuming and difficult framework to implement within your organisation? Then CQR can offer you a solution that takes the bite out of what can be a worthwhile and rewarding venture.

To remove this perception and start the process of better managing risks, CQR has introduced the ISMS Jumpstart Service. The core aim of the ISMS Jumpstart is to not just define an appropriate scope and governance framework but also to expose areas that need to be addressed to enable you to implement the ISMS. It also gives the implementation a Jumpstart by developing an implementation plan and future roadmap.

An ISMS Jumpstart is designed to take place over a 3 week timeframe and will lead you through the following activities with key representatives of your organisation:

  • Review existing documentation;
  • Conduct interviews and workshops;
  • Define the scope and boundaries of the ISMS;
  • Identify and document key roles and responsibilities in terms of the operations of an ISMS;
  • Create required documentation and reports;
  • Develop an implementation plan (ISMS roadmap);

Once complete your organisation will be in a position should you wish to move to the next stage of information security maturity, which involves the implementation of the defined elements of the ISMS. This stage can be done at a pace that suits the organisation and their need to manage the security of critical assets. If required, CQR is also able to assist in later phases of the implementation and roadmap.

With a team of experienced Information Security Specialists working for CQR who bring with them a wealth of many years of experience and a workable knowledge of the ISMS itself, and the fact that CQR is entering its 9th year of ISO 27001 certification and having recently supported all of their offices, including Melbourne, Sydney and Oxford, in completing their certification audits to enable them to be included in CQR’s ISO 27001 certification, CQR well placed to provide your organisation with the building blocks to begin to implement your own ISMS.

For further information on how CQR ISMS Jumpstart can assist your organization please contact CQR on 1300 277 001 or email at: enquiries@localhost

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