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Talking Cyber Security – The first step is always the hardest

As a business, our customers have high expectations of us, at times those high expectations feel unachievable but keeping the needs of our businesses and our customers in mind this enables you to plan ahead. Taking the necessary practical steps to enable your business to start managing your compliance expectations is easier and more cost […]

Talking Cyber Security – If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

The first step in any effective cyber security framework it taking ownership of the framework, this can begin with a company board, collective business groups, teams or even an individual, but without that committed undertaking of responsibility and the shared awareness of its applicability and awareness throughout your organisation how can the plan thrive? Effective […]

Talking Cyber Security – Asking the right questions

We don’t need to look very far to learn that security management is a pretty big deal, if your organisation is in the position where you know you need to make changes, starting by understanding  at what stage is your organisation and clarifying what your organisations security posture is? Do you know how to do all […]

Talking Cyber Security – Cyber pragmatism the impact and consequences.

Threats from modern cyber attacks are becoming bigger than any IT department or Help desk in any organisation around the globe. The internalisation of the management and accountability of a security incident is becoming an unattainable business function. The market is seeing a growing need to externalise the cost of an incident. With businesses better […]

Talking Cyber Security: Protection is more than just a solution

In this instalment of ‘Talking Cyber Security’ Phil Kernick and David Simpson discuss how organisations should be looking at their business and what considerations they should be making, including looking at their past, present and future Cyber Security strategy in-line with their business. With no regulations set around software, it’s development, function, use and it’s […]

Talking Cyber Security, so who’s accountable?

There was a time where cyber was seen to be ‘just data’. Business’ are beginning to recognise that data is much more than simply data alone, and that data is extremely important. Does that mean more organisations are taking accountability for reviewing, managing and improving their security posture? Well not quite, but we can give […]

Talking Cyber Security, leading from the front

The meaning of ‘Cyber’ comes in many forms, but for those within the ICT and information security industry, it likely means something different altogether. Organisations today are recognising the importance of security from a business perspective, that it is beyond what was historically an IT issue. To effectively protect any business, this mindset needs to […]

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