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Advice for avoiding an Uber style breach

Uber have recently released details of a large-scale data breach identified to have occurred in October 2016.  As with all companies of this size, Uber was legally required to report the hack to regulators and users affected by the breach.  However, the decision was made to pay off the hackers (~$132,000 AUD) for the deletion…

Insecure S3 buckets expose Australian Government data

The Australian Government is among a small collection of companies who have fallen victim to the insecure storage practices of a third-party contractor, leading to the exposure of emails, passwords, credit card details and other personal information of nearly 50,000 Australian staff. Organisations caught up in this breach include UGL Limited, AMP Limited and Rabobank,…

Make one internal change to increase Cyber Security

The Australian Cyber Security Magazine captured insights from Alex Hoffmann, General Manager of CQR, filmed on location at #AISACON17, Sydney. Here is a great case study on recognising an internal champion to effect change for enhanced Cyber Security in an enterprise. Make one internal change to increase Cyber Security *As published by the Australian Cyber Security…

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