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CQR SECURITY BULLETIN: Ransomware attacks on internet-facing MySQL databases

What’s the risk? ITNews reported this week on the recent MySQL database blackmailer attacks.  These attacks appear to be based on brute-force or guessing attacks against database administrator passwords. Where this differs from other ransomware attacks is that it appears the attackers, whilst offering a promise to restore data, are in fact just deleting the…


How to select the right people into Information Security Governance Boards and Working Forums

Many organisations have realised the importance of Information Security and Cybersecurity.  In some industry sectors, such as Banking and Defence, governance boards monitor the effectiveness of key Information Security controls. There are a good number of articles, books and well-known information governance frameworks such as COBIT and ISO 27014 that provide a best practice approach…


REVEALED: Why most E-mail security platforms don’t prevent Phishing attacks.

I have been doing Penetration Testing for a number of years and have witnessed first-hand the ever changing cat-and-mouse game that is played out between attackers and defenders. The rise of the humble network firewall and advancements over the years including full software layer inspection, intrusion prevention capabilities, high throughput and slick graphical interfaces have…

Cloud Computing and the Disaster Recovery myth

Introduction “Cloud computing” has become a hot topic over the last few years, and gives organisations the opportunity to rethink many traditional IT practices. It has however brought about a myth with many execs and technology leads believing, that moving to a Cloud computing solution with an active-active or active passive strategy means their organisation…

CQR Information Security Jobs in Australia, UK, USA

Business Development Manager – Melbourne

About the Company CQR is a professional, established and forward thinking consultancy who pride themselves on their core values of passion, knowledge, integrity and accountability. With a team of over forty people, CQR has offices in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Oxford (UK), and New York (USA). About the Role Currently seeking a motivated Business Development Manager…

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