Making the
world a
safer place

Compliance is your security best friend

Let’s get the elephant out of the room: compliance for the sake of compliance, for the sake of audit, for the sake of a tick in a box is worthless.  It definitely is solving a problem, that being “get audit off my back”.  It is not solving the problem of making the world a safer…


Fishing doesn’t worry me, but Phishing does

I recently learnt of the London Digital Security Centre (LDSC), a not-for-profit focused on the cyber health of London SMEs, at a half-day event hosted by Digital Leaders, a global community of senior leaders involved in technology. LDSC was in the spotlight at an event on 19 October that included speakers from AXELOS the Global…


Phishing – Can you spot a fake email?

In today’s interconnected world, email is one of the most widely used communication methods by both organisations and home users.  Email is a favoured communication as it is cost efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly; enticing many large organisations, including banks and utility providers, to transition to paperless delivery. With so many organisations opting…


Disaster Strikes

Disaster Recovery.  Service Restoration / Resilience.  IT Continuity. These synonymous terms provide an organisation with the ability to present, at least publically, the image of how the business views and manages disaster recovery (DR).  One of the key reasons for using terminology other than DR to address this topic, is to remove the negative connotations…

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