CQR defends your organisation against cyber-attacks and risks by safeguarding your networks, data and devices
CQR develops strategy, planning, policies and processes to align with your business needs and industry standards.
CQR is proud to be part of CyberCX

CQR’s cyber security consultants will ensure your business, your people, your information and your technology are protected and empowered.

If you're looking to develop your cyber security strategy, planning, policies and processes we can help you bring them in line with the very latest global industry standards.

Our award-winning, highly-qualified and passionate team have been providing proactive support against cyber security threats to companies around the world since 2004.

Let us help your business thrive in the face of ever-increasing threats. With a proven track record of positive results, you can trust CQR's cyber security consultants to keep your business safe.

Our cyber security consulting services can help defend your organisation against cyber attacks and risks by safeguarding your networks, data and devices.

CQR works with your business as a partner to mitigate your business’s reputational risk and identify your legal and regulatory obligations.

CQR works across three key areas of your business to lock in your security.


CQR empowers your people to make smarter security choices


CQR designs and plans processes that protect your business


CQR identifies and manages risks inherent in your technology

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